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Article version: Enterprise Server 2.17

Autolinked references and URLs

References to URLs, issues, pull requests, and commits are automatically shortened and converted into links.

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GitHub Enterprise automatically creates links from standard URLs.


Rendered autolinked URL

For more information on creating links, see "Basic writing and formatting syntax."

Issues and pull requests

Within conversations on GitHub Enterprise, references to issues and pull requests are automatically converted to shortened links. For more information, see "About conversations on GitHub."

Note: Autolinked references are not created in wikis or files in a repository.

Reference typeRaw referenceShort link
Issue or pull request URL
# and issue or pull request number#26#26
GH- and issue or pull request numberGH-26GH-26
Username/Repository# and issue or pull request numberjlord/sheetsee.js#26jlord/sheetsee.js#26
Organization_name/Repository# and issue or pull request numbergithub/linguist#4039github/linguist#4039

Commit SHAs

References to a commit's SHA hash are automatically converted into shortened links to the commit on GitHub Enterprise.

Reference typeRaw referenceShort link
Commit URL
Username/Repository@SHAUser/Repository@SHA: jlord/sheetsee.js@a5c3785ed8d6a35868bc169f07e40e889087fd2ejlord/sheetsee.js@a5c3785

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