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Adding outside collaborators to repositories in your organization


You can allow people who aren't members of your organization to access repositories that your organization owns.

Who can use this feature

People with admin access to a repository can add an outside collaborator to the repository.

About outside collaborators

An outside collaborator is a person who is not a member of your organization, but has access to one or more of your organization's repositories. You can choose the level of access to grant for each outside collaborator. リポジトリに外部コラボレータを追加する際には、アクセスしてもらうリポジトリ内のフォークにもそのコラボレータを追加しなければなりません。

外部コラボレーターをプライベート リポジトリに追加すると、有料ライセンスのいずれかが使用されます。 詳細については、「企業の支払いについて」を参照してください。

An organization owner can restrict the ability to invite collaborators. For more information, see "Setting permissions for adding outside collaborators."

Adding outside collaborators to a repository

  1. your enterprise で、リポジトリのメイン ページへ移動します。
  2. リポジトリ名の下の [ 設定] をクリックします。 リポジトリの設定ボタン
  3. In the left sidebar, click Collaborators & teams. Repository settings sidebar with Collaborators & teams highlighted
  4. Under "Collaborators", type the name of the person you'd like to give access to the repository, then click Add collaborator. The Collaborators section with the Octocat's username entered in the search field
  5. Next to the new collaborator's name, use the drop-down menu and select the appropriate access level. The repository permissions picker