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Organization を削除すると、リポジトリ、プライベートリポジトリのフォーク、ウィキ、Issue、Pull Request、プロジェクトページや Organization ページもすべて削除されます。 支払いは終了し、90日後にOrganizationの名前は新しいユーザもしくはOrganizationアカウントで利用できるようになります。

About deletion of your organization account

Tip: If you want to cancel your paid subscription, you can downgrade your organization to GitHub Free instead of deleting the organization and its content.

Deleting your organization account removes all repositories, forks of private repositories, wikis, issues, pull requests, and project or organization pages. Your billing will end and, after 90 days, the organization name becomes available for use on a new user or organization account.

If the account namespace includes any public repositories that contain an action listed on GitHub Marketplace, or that had more than 100 clones or more than 100 uses of GitHub Actions in the week prior to deletion, GitHub permanently retires the owner name and repository name combination (OWNER/REPOSITORY-NAME) when you delete your account.

If the account namespace includes any packages or container images stored in a GitHub Packages registry, GitHub deletes the packages and container images when you delete your account. By deleting your account, you may break projects that depend on these packages and images.

If the account namespace includes any public container images with more than 5,000 downloads, the full name of these container images (NAMESPACE/IMAGE-NAME) is permanently retired when you delete the account to ensure the container image name cannot be reused in the future.

Backing up your organization content

After you delete an organization, GitHub cannot restore your content. Therefore, before you delete your organization, make sure you have a copy of all repositories, wikis, issues, and project boards from the account.

Deleting your organization account

  1. In the top right corner of, click your profile photo, then click Your organizations. Your organizations in the profile menu
  2. Next to the organization, click Settings. The settings button
  3. Near the bottom of the organization's settings page, click Delete this Organization. Delete this organization button