Informationen zur Sichtbarkeit eines Repositorys

You can restrict who has access to a repository by choosing a repository's visibility: private or internal.

Informationen zur Sichtbarkeit eines Repositorys

When you create a repository owned by your user account, the repository is always private. When you create a repository owned by an organization, you can choose to make the repository private or internal.

Private repositories are only accessible to you, people you explicitly share access with, and, for organization repositories, certain organization members. Internal repositories are accessible to all enterprise members. For more information, see "About internal repositories."

Organisationsinhaber haben immer Zugriff auf jedes Repository, das in einer Organisation erstellt wurde. Weitere Informationen findest Du unter„Berechtigungsebenen für die Repositorys einer Organisation.“

Personen mit Administratorberechtigungen für ein Repository können die Sichtbarkeit eines vorhandenen Repositorys ändern. Weitere Informationen findest Du unter „Sichtbarkeit eines Repositorys festlegen.“

Informationen zu internen Repositorys

Note: Internal repositories are available with GitHub Enterprise Cloud, GitHub AE, and GitHub Enterprise Server 2.20+. Weiter Informationen findest Du unter „GitHub Produkte."

You can use internal repositories to practice "innersource" within your enterprise. Members of your enterprise can collaborate using open source methodologies without sharing proprietary information publicly. Weitere Informationen zu innersource findest Du im Whitepaper von GitHub „Eine Einführung zu innersource."

All enterprise members have read permissions to the internal repository, but internal repositories are not visible to people who are not members of an organization, including outside collaborators on organization repositories. For more information, see "Roles in an enterprise" and "Repository permission levels for an organization."

If a user is removed from all organizations owned by the enterprise, that user's forks of internal repositories are removed automatically.

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