Verifying or approving a domain for your enterprise

You can verify your ownership of domains with GitHub to confirm the identity of organizations owned by your enterprise account. You can also approve domains where organization members can receive email notifications.

Enterprise owners can verify or approve a domain for an enterprise account.

Verification and approval of domains is available with GitHub Enterprise Cloud and GitHub Enterprise Server. 詳しい情報については「GitHubの製品」を参照してください。

About verification of domains

About approval of domains

Verifying a domain for your enterprise account

Approving a domain for your enterprise account

Removing an approved or verified domain




GitHubのすべてのドキュメントはオープンソースです。間違っていたり、はっきりしないところがありましたか?Pull Requestをお送りください。


OR, コントリビューションの方法を学んでください。