Repository-Erstellung in Deiner Organisation einschränken

Zum Schutz Deiner Organisationsdaten kannst Du die Berechtigungen für die Erstellung von Repositorys innerhalb Deiner Organisation konfigurieren.

Du kannst wählen, ob Mitglieder in Deiner Organisation Repositorys erstellen können. If you allow members to create repositories, you can choose which types of repositories members can create. For more information, see "About repository visibility."

Organisationsinhaber können immer jede Art von Repository erstellen.

Site administrators can restrict the options you have available for your organization's repository creation policy. For more information, see "Restricting repository creation in your enterprise."

Warning: This setting only restricts the visibility options available when repositories are created and does not restrict the ability to change repository visibility at a later time. For more information about restricting changes to existing repositories' visibilities, see "Restricting repository visibility changes in your organization."

  1. In the top right corner of GitHub AE, click your profile photo, then click Your organizations. Your organizations in the profile menu
  2. Next to the organization, click Settings. The settings button
  3. Klicke in der linken Seitenleiste auf Member privileges (Mitgliederberechtigungen). Mitgliederberechtigungsoption in den Organisationseinstellungen
  4. Under "Repository creation", select one or more options. Optionen für die Repository-Erstellung
  5. Klicke auf Save (Speichern).

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