Sichtbarkeit eines Repositorys festlegen

Du kannst festlegen, wer Dein Repository anzeigen kann.

Über Änderungen der Repository-Sichtbarkeit

Organisationsinhaber können die Möglichkeit, die Sichtbarkeit des Repositorys zu ändern, auf Organisationsinhaber einschränken. For more information, see "Restricting repository visibility changes in your organization."

We recommend reviewing the following caveats before you change the visibility of a repository.

Warning: Changes to the visibility of a large repository or repository network may affect data integrity. Visibility changes can also have unintended effects on forks. GitHub recommends the following before changing the visibility of a repository network.

Repository als privat festlegen

  • If you change a repository's visibility from internal to private, GitHub will remove forks that belong to any user without access to the newly private repository. If the internal repository has any forks, the visibility of the forks is already private. For more information, see "What happens to forks when a repository is deleted or changes visibility?"
  • Any published GitHub Pages site will be automatically unpublished.

Repository als intern festlegen

Note: Internal repositories are available with GitHub Enterprise Cloud, GitHub AE, and GitHub Enterprise Server 2.20+. Weiter Informationen findest Du unter „GitHub Produkte."

Changing a repository's visibility

  1. Navigiere in GitHub AE zur Hauptseite des Repository.
  2. Klicke unter Deinem Repository-Namen auf Settings (Einstellungen). Schaltfläche „Repository settings" (Repository-Einstellungen)
  3. Under "Danger Zone", to the right of to "Change repository visibility", click Change visibility. Change visibility button
  4. Select a visibility.

Dialog of options for repository visibility 5. To verify that you're changing the correct repository's visibility, type the name of the repository you want to change the visibility of. 6. Click I understand, change repository visibility.

Confirm change of repository visibility button

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