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Reinstating a former member of your organization

Organization owners can add former members to your organization, and choose whether to restore the person's former role, access permissions, forks, and settings.

Who can use this feature

Organization owners can reinstate a former member of an organization.

About member reinstatement

If a user is removed from your organization in one of the following ways, the user's access privileges and settings are saved for three months.

You can restore the user's privileges if you add them back to the organization within that time frame.

Note: Alle Benutzer, die aufgrund der SAML-SSO-Erzwingung entfernt wurden, können Ihrer Organisation wieder beitreten, indem sie sich über SAML-SSO authentifizieren. You do not need to invite these users to rejoin. Instead, the user can sign into their personal account, navigate to the organization, and click the banner to authenticate via SAML single sign-on.

When you reinstate a former organization member, you can restore:

  • The user's role in the organization
  • Any private forks of repositories owned by the organization
  • Membership in the organization's teams
  • Previous access and permissions for the organization's repositories
  • Stars for organization repositories
  • Issue assignments in the organization
  • Repository subscriptions (notification settings for watching, not watching, or ignoring a repository's activity)

Reinstating a former member of your organization

  1. Klicke in der oberen rechten Ecke von GitHub AE auf dein Profilfoto, und klicke dann auf Deine Organisationen. Deine Organisationen im Profilmenü

  2. Klicke auf den Namen Deiner Organisation. Organisationsname in Liste der Organisationen

  3. Klicke unter deinem Organisationsnamen auf Personen. Registerkarte „Personen“

  4. Klicke auf der Registerkarte „Personen“ auf Mitglied hinzufügen. Schaltfläche „Mitglied hinzufügen“

  5. Gib den Benutzernamen der Person ein, die du reaktivieren möchtest, und klicke auf Einladen.

  6. Choose whether to restore that person's previous privileges in the organization or clear their previous privileges and set new access permissions, then click Add and reinstate or Add and start fresh. Choose whether to restore privileges

  7. If you cleared the previous privileges for a former organization member, choose a role for the user, and optionally add them to some teams, then click Add member. Role and team options and add member button

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