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Enabling OAuth App access restrictions for your organization

Organization owners can enable OAuth App access restrictions to prevent untrusted apps from accessing the organization's resources while allowing organization members to use OAuth Apps for their personal accounts.

新しい Organization を作成する際には、OAuth App アクセス制限が既定で有効です。 Organization 所有者はいつでもOAuth App アクセス制限を無効にできます。


  • Enabling OAuth App access restrictions will revoke organization access for all previously authorized OAuth Apps and SSH keys. For more information, see "About OAuth App access restrictions."
  • Once you've set up OAuth App access restrictions, make sure to re-authorize any OAuth App that require access to the organization's private data on an ongoing basis. All organization members will need to create new SSH keys, and the organization will need to create new deploy keys as needed.
  • When OAuth App access restrictions are enabled, applications can use an OAuth token to access information about GitHub Marketplace transactions.
  1. の右上隅にあるプロファイル写真をクリックし、 [自分の Organization] をクリックします。 プロファイル メニューの組織
  2. 組織の隣の [設定] をクリックします。 [設定] ボタン
  3. サイドバーの [統合] セクションで、 [サードパーティ アクセス] をクリックします。
  4. Under "Third-party application access policy," click Setup application access restrictions. Set up restrictions button
  5. After you review the information about third-party access restrictions, click Restrict third-party application access. Restriction confirmation button