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Managing people's access to your organization with roles

You can control access to your organizations's settings by giving people organization roles.

Roles in an organization

Organization owners can assign roles to individuals and teams giving them different sets of permissions in the organization.

About custom organization roles

You can control access to your organization's settings with custom organization roles.

Managing custom organization roles

You can create, edit, and assign custom organization roles in an organization's settings.

Maintaining ownership continuity for your organization

Organizations can have more than one organization owner to avoid lapses in ownership.

Adding a billing manager to your organization

A billing manager is a user who manages the billing settings for your organization, such as updating payment information. This is a great option if regular members of your organization don't typically have access to billing resources.

Removing a billing manager from your organization

If a person with the billing manager role no longer needs to view or change your organization's billing information, you can remove their access to the organization.

Managing security managers in your organization

You can give your security team the least access they need to configure and monitor code security for your organization by assigning a team to the security manager role.

Managing moderators in your organization

You can give an individual or team in your organization the ability to block and limit access, by assigning them to the moderator role.