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Managing membership in your organization

After you create your organization, you can add people as members of the organization. You can also remove members of the organization, and reinstate former members.

Inviting users to join your organization

You can invite anyone to become a member of your organization using their username or email address for

Canceling or editing an invitation to join your organization

Organization owners can edit or cancel an invitation to become a member of your organization any time before the user accepts.

Removing a member from your organization

If members of your organization no longer require access to any repositories owned by the organization, you can remove them from the organization.

Reinstating a former member of your organization

You can invite former organization members to rejoin your organization, and choose whether to restore the person's former role, access permissions, forks, and settings.

Exporting member information for your organization

You can export information about all of your organization's members from GitHub's web UI.

Can I create accounts for people in my organization?

While you can add users to an organization you've created, you can't create personal accounts on behalf of another person.