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Creating an enterprise account

If you're currently using GitHub Enterprise Cloud with a single organization, you can create an enterprise account to centrally manage multiple organizations.


Organization owners can create an enterprise account.

About enterprise account creation

GitHub Enterprise Cloud allows you to create an enterprise account, which enables collaboration between multiple organizations and gives administrators a single point of visibility and management. When you purchase GitHub Enterprise Cloud, you can create an enterprise account. Creation of an enterprise account does not result in additional charges on your bill. For more information, see "Enterprise アカウントについて."

If you currently use GitHub Enterprise Cloud with a single organization and do not have any coupons or discounts applied, you can create an enterprise account through your billing page. If you need Enterprise Managed Users, GitHub Enterprise Server, or invoicing support, please contact GitHub の営業チーム.

You can also create an enterprise account by setting up a free trial of GitHub Enterprise Cloud. Trials are limited to 50 seats. If you have an existing organization with more than 50 seats that you want to invite into the trial, please contact GitHub の営業チーム. For more information, see "Setting up a trial of GitHub Enterprise Cloud".

When you create an enterprise account that owns your existing organization on GitHub Enterprise Cloud, the organization's resources remain accessible to members at the same URLs. After you add your organization to the enterprise account, the following changes will apply to the organization.

  • Your existing organization will automatically be owned by the enterprise account.
  • GitHub bills the enterprise account for usage within all organizations owned by the enterprise. The current billing details for the organization, including the organization's billing email address, will become billing details for the new enterprise account. For more information, see "Enterpriseの支払いについて."
  • All current owners of your organization will become owners of the enterprise account, and all current billing managers of the organization will become billing managers of the new enterprise account. For more information, see "Enterprise におけるロール."

For more information about the changes that apply to an organization after you add the organization to an enterprise, see "エンタープライズへの組織の追加."

Creating an enterprise account on GitHub

To create an enterprise account, your organization must be using GitHub Enterprise Cloud.

  1. 任意のページで、右上隅にあるプロファイルの画像をクリックし、次に[設定]をクリックします。

    Screenshot of a user's account menu on GitHub. The menu item "Settings" is outlined in dark orange.

  2. サイドバーの [アクセス] セクションで、 [ Organization] をクリックします。

  3. 組織の隣の [設定] をクリックします。

  4. Organization オーナーの場合は、サイドバーの [アクセス] セクションで、 [ 課金とプラン] をクリックします。

  5. Click Upgrade to enterprise account.

  6. Under "Enterprise name", type a name for your enterprise account.

  7. Under "Enterprise URL slug", type a slug for your enterprise account. This slug will be used in the URL for your enterprise. For example, if you choose octo-enterprise, the URL for your enterprise will be

  8. Click Confirm and upgrade.

  9. Read the warnings, then click Create enterprise account.

Next steps

After your enterprise account is created, we recommend learning more about how enterprise accounts work and configuring settings and policies. For more information, follow the "GitHub Enterprise のガイド" learning path.