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About the audit log for your enterprise

To support debugging and internal and external compliance, GitHub Enterprise Cloud provides logs of audited user, organization, and repository events.

About audit logs

The audit log lists events triggered by activities that affect your enterprise within the current month and up to the previous six months. The audit log retains Git events for seven days.

By default, only events from the past three months are displayed. To view older events, you must specify a date range with the created parameter. 詳しい情報については、「検索構文を理解する」を参照してください。

The name for each audit log entry is composed of the action object or category qualifier, followed by an operation type. For example, the repo.create entry refers to the create operation on the repo category.

各 Audit log エントリには、次のようなイベントに関する適切な情報が表示されます:

  • The enterprise or organization an action was performed in
  • The user (actor) who performed the action
  • The user affected by the action
  • アクションの対象となったリポジトリ
  • 実行されたアクション
  • アクションが実行された国
  • アクションが発生した日時
  • Optionally, the source IP address for the user (actor) who performed the action

In addition to viewing your audit log, you can monitor activity in your enterprise in other ways, such as managing global webhooks. For more information, see "Exploring user activity in your enterprise."

Using your audit logs

As an enterprise owner, you can interact with the audit log data for your enterprise in several ways:

For a full list of audit log actions that may appear in your enterprise audit log, see "Audit log actions for your enterprise."

Git events

Git events data, such as cloning, fetching, and pushing is logged. For more information, see "Streaming the audit log for your enterprise."