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GitHub AE is currently under limited release.

Assigning the team maintainer role to a team member

You can give a team member the ability to manage team membership and settings by assigning the team maintainer role.

Who can use this feature

Organization owners can promote team members to team maintainers.

About team maintainers

People with the team maintainer role can manage team membership and settings.

Promoting an organization member to team maintainer

Before you can promote an organization member to team maintainer, the person must already be a member of the team.

  1. In the top right corner of GitHub AE, click your profile photo, then click Your organizations. Your organizations in the profile menu

  2. Click the name of your organization. Organization name in list of organizations

  3. Under your organization name, click Teams.

    Teams tab

  4. On the Teams tab, click the name of the team. List of the organization's teams

  5. At the top of the team page, click Members. Members tab

  6. Select the person or people you'd like to promote to team maintainer. Check box next to organization member

  7. Above the list of team members, use the drop-down menu and click Change role.... Drop-down menu with option to change role

  8. Select a new role and click Change role. Radio buttons for Maintainer or Member roles