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Converting an outside collaborator to an organization member

If you would like to give an outside collaborator on your organization's repositories broader permissions within your organization, you can invite them to become a member of the organization.

Who can use this feature

Organization owners can invite users to join an organization.

If your organization is on a paid per-user subscription, an unused license must be available before you can invite a new member to join the organization or reinstate a former organization member. For more information, see "About per-user pricing." Pending invitations will expire after 7 days, restoring any unclaimed licenses.

If your organization requires members to use two-factor authentication, users you invite must enable two-factor authentication before they can accept the invitation.

  1. In the top right corner of, click your profile photo, then click Your organizations.

    Screenshot of the dropdown menu under @octocat's profile picture. "Your organizations" is outlined in dark orange.

  2. Click the name of your organization. Organization name in list of organizations

  3. Under your organization name, click People.

    The People tab

  4. Under the "People" tab, click Outside collaborators. Button to select outside collaborators for an organization

  5. To the right of the name of the outside collaborator you want to become a member, select the dropdown menu and click Invite to organization.

    Invite outside collaborators to organization

  6. If the person you're inviting was an organization member within the last three months, choose whether to restore their privileges or start fresh, then click Invite and reinstate or Invite and start fresh. Choose whether to restore privileges

  7. If the person you're inviting has never been a member of the organization or if you cleared their privileges, choose a role for the user and optionally add them to some teams, then click Send invitation. Role and team options and send invitation button

  8. The invited person will receive an email inviting them to the organization. They will need to accept the invitation before becoming a member of the organization. You can edit or cancel an invitation any time before the user accepts.

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