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Использование сохраненных ответов

При добавлении комментариев к проблеме или запросу на вытягивание можно добавить предварительно настроенный сохраненный ответ. Сохраненный ответ может представлять собой весь комментарий или, если вы хотите настроить его, можно добавить или удалить содержимое.

  1. On, navigate to the main page of the repository.

  2. Under your repository name, click Issues or Pull requests.

    Screenshot of the main page of a repository. In the horizontal navigation bar, two tabs, labeled "Issues" and "Pull requests," are each outlined in dark orange.

  3. Click the desired issue or pull request.

  4. To add a saved reply, above the comment field, select .

    Screenshot of a GitHub comment box. On the toolbar, a reply button with a left-facing curved arrow is outlined in dark orange.

  5. From the list, select the saved reply you'd like to add to your comment. Optionally, edit the content of the saved reply.

  6. Select Comment to add your comment.


  • You can use a keyboard shortcut to autofill the comment with a saved reply. For more information, see "Keyboard shortcuts."
  • You can filter the list by typing the title of the saved reply.

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