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Согласие на участие в программе GitHub Archive Program или отказ от него для общедоступного репозитория

Вы можете управлять тем, включает ли GitHub общедоступный репозиторий в GitHub Archive Program, который поможет обеспечить долгосрочную работу с мировым программным обеспечением с открытым кодом.

Кто может использовать эту функцию.

People with admin permissions to a public repository can opt into or out of the GitHub Archive Program.

By default, all public repositories are included in the GitHub Archive Program, a partnership between GitHub and organizations such as Software Heritage Foundation and Internet Archive to ensure the long-term preservation of the world's open source software. For more information, see "About archiving content and data on GitHub."

If you opt out of the GitHub Archive Program for a repository, the repository will be excluded from any long-term archives that GitHub may create in the future.

  1. On, navigate to the main page of the repository.

  2. Under your repository name, click Settings. If you cannot see the "Settings" tab, select the dropdown menu, then click Settings.

    Screenshot of a repository header showing the tabs. The "Settings" tab is highlighted by a dark orange outline.

  3. Under "Features", select or deselect Preserve this repository.

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