Using Codespaces for pull requests

You can use Codespaces in your development workflow to create pull requests, review pull requests, and address review comments.

Codespaces is available for organizations using GitHub Team or GitHub Enterprise Cloud. 詳しい情報については「GitHubの製品」を参照してください。

Codespaces のプルリクエストについて

Codespaces provides you with many of the capabilities you might need to work with pull requests:

  • Create a pull request - Using either the Terminal and Git commands or the Source Control view, you can create pull requests just as you would on If the repository uses a pull request template, you'll be able to use this within the Source Control view.
  • Open a pull request – You can open an existing pull request in a codespace, provided you have codespace access to the branch that is being merged in.
  • Review a pull request - Once you have opened a pull request in a codespace, you can use the "GitHub Pull Request" view to add review comments and approve pull requests. You can also use Codespaces to view review comments.

Opening a pull request in Codespaces

  1. リポジトリ名の下で、クリックします Pull requests Issue とプルリクエストのタブの選択
  1. In the list of pull requests, click the pull request you'd like to open in Codespaces.
  2. On the right-hand side of your screen, click Code.
  3. From the Codespaces tab, click New codespace. Option to open PR in a codespace

Reviewing a pull request in Codespaces

  1. Open the pull request in a codespace, as described in "Opening a pull request."
  2. In the Activity Bar, click the GitHub Pull Request view. This view only appears when you open a pull request in a codespace. Option to open PR in a codespace
  3. To review a specific file, click the Open File icon in the Side Bar. Option to open PR in a codespace
  4. To add review comments, click the + icon next to the line number. Type your review comment and then click Start Review. Option to open PR in a codespace
  5. When you are finished adding review comments, from the Side Bar you can choose to either submit the comments, approve the changes, or request changes. Option to open PR in a codespace

For more information on reviewing a pull request, see "Reviewing proposed changes in a pull request."

View comments from a review in Codespaces

Once you have received feedback on a pull request, you can open it in a codespace to see the review comments. From there you can respond to comments, add reactions, or dismiss the review.

Option to open PR in a codespace




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