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About networking for hosted compute products

You can manage private networking for GitHub-hosted products using network configurations.

About network configurations

Network configurations provide an overarching construct to manage private networking settings for GitHub-hosted compute products including GitHub-hosted runners.

By customizing network configurations for hosted compute products, you can securely access private resources, control outbound network access, and monitor network traffic. This allows you to control and manage network security for your development and CI/CD managed infrastructure within a single place.

Using GitHub-hosted runners with an Azure private network


  • Using GitHub-hosted runners with an Azure VNET is in beta and subject to change.
  • Only 4-64 CPU Ubuntu and Windows runners are supported with Azure VNET. For more information on these runner types, see "About larger runners."
  • Supported regions include East US, East US 2, and West US 2. To request support for a region that is not in this list, fill out the region request form.
  • Private networking for GitHub-hosted runners does not support static IP addresses for larger runners. You must use dynamic IP addresses, which is the default configuration for larger runners. For more information about networking for larger runners, see "About larger runners."

If you are using Azure and GitHub Enterprise Cloud, you can use GitHub-hosted runners in your Azure VNET(s) using the Azure private network configuration. For more information about Azure VNET, see What is Azure Virtual Network? in the Azure documentation.

Using GitHub-hosted runners in an Azure VNET enables you to use GitHub-managed infrastructure for CI/CD while providing you with full control over the networking policies of your runners.

For more information about how Azure private networking with GitHub-hosted runners works, see "About using GitHub-hosted runners in your Azure Virtual Network."

To use GitHub-hosted runners with Azure VNET, you will need to configure your Azure resources then create an Azure private network configuration in GitHub. For more information, see "Configuring private networking for GitHub-hosted runners."