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GitHub Disrupting the Experience of Other Users

Being part of a community includes recognizing how your behavior affects others and engaging in meaningful and productive interactions with people and the platform they rely on.

We do not allow behavior that significantly or continually disrupts the experience of other users. これは以下のものが含まれます。

  • Posting off-topic comments
  • Opening empty or meaningless issues or pull requests
  • Starring and/or following accounts or repositories in large volume in a short period of time
  • Creating nonsensical or irrelevant code reviews
  • Engaging with platform features in a way that causes excessive notifications for other users
  • Using any other platform feature in a way that creates disruption


Please note that the above conduct may also violate other restrictions in our Acceptable Use Policies. For example, depending on the nature and severity of the activity, it may rise to the level of bullying and harassment.