About GitHub Insights

GitHub Insights provides metrics and analytical reports to help engineering teams understand and improve their software delivery process.

About GitHub Insights

GitHub Insights is a standalone application that provides analytic reports based on data from your GitHub Enterprise Server instance to help you understand and improve your software delivery process. You can use these metrics to remove bottlenecks in process, improve collaboration, and deliver projects faster, with higher quality.

GitHub Insights is hosted on a machine and interfaces with GitHub Enterprise. For more information, see "System overview for GitHub Insights."

Anyone with access to GitHub Insights can view and interact with metrics, using team and repository filters to contextualize data. For more information, see "Exploring your usage of GitHub Enterprise."

People with admin permissions to GitHub Insights can choose which metrics are displayed and which organizations, repositories, and people are included in those metrics. They can also add context to metrics by managing events. For more information, see "About data in GitHub Insights ."

Contacting support

You can receive support for GitHub Insights from GitHub Support. For more information, see "Reaching GitHub Support."

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