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Deleting an organization account

When you delete an organization, all repositories, forks of private repositories, wikis, issues, pull requests, and Project or Organization Pages are deleted as well. Your billing will end, and after 90 days the organization name becomes available for use on a new user or organization account.

Tip: If you want to cancel your paid subscription, you can downgrade your organization to GitHub Free instead of deleting the organization and its content.

1. Back up your organization content

After you delete an organization, GitHub cannot restore your content. Therefore, before you delete your organization, make sure you have a copy of all repositories, wikis, issues, and project boards from the account.

2. Delete the organization

  1. Klicke in der oberen rechten Ecke von auf dein Profilfoto, und klicke dann auf Deine Organisationen. Deine Organisationen im Profilmenü
  2. Klicke neben der Organisation auf Einstellungen. Schaltfläche „Einstellungen“
  3. Near the bottom of the organization's settings page, click Delete this Organization. Delete this organization button