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Allowing people to delete issues in your organization

Organization owners can allow certain people to delete issues in repositories owned by your organization.

By default, issues cannot be deleted in an organization's repositories. An organization owner must enable this feature for all of the organization's repositories first.

Once enabled, organization owners and people with admin access in an organization-owned repository can delete issues. People with admin access in a repository include organization members and outside collaborators who were given admin access. For more information, see "Repository roles for an organization" and "Deleting an issue."

  1. Klicke in der oberen rechten Ecke von auf dein Profilfoto, und klicke dann auf Deine Organisationen. Deine Organisationen im Profilmenü

  2. Klicke neben der Organisation auf Einstellungen. Schaltfläche „Einstellungen“

  3. In the "Access" section of the sidebar, click Member privileges.

  4. Under "Issue deletion", select Allow members to delete issues for this organization. Checkbox to allow people to delete issues

  5. Click Save.