Interaktionen in Deinem Repository begrenzen

You can temporarily enforce a period of limited activity for certain users on a public repository.

People with admin permissions to a repository can temporarily limit interactions in that repository.

About temporary interaction limits

Enabling an interaction limit for a repository restricts certain users from commenting, opening issues, creating pull requests, reacting with emojis, editing existing comments, and editing titles of issues and pull requests.

When you enable an interaction limit, you can choose a duration for the limit: 24 hours, 3 days, 1 week, 1 month, or 6 months. After the duration of your limit passes, users can resume normal activity in your repository.

There are three types of interaction limits.

  • Limit to existing users (Beschränkung für existierende Benutzer): Begrenzt die Aktivität für Benutzer, deren Konto erst seit weniger 24 Stunden besteht und die bisher keine Beiträge geleistet haben und keine Mitarbeiter sind.
  • Limit to prior contributors: Limits activity for users who have not previously contributed to the default branch of the repository and are not collaborators.
  • Limit to repository collaborators: Limits activity for users who do not have write access to the repository.

You can also enable activity limitations on all repositories owned by your user account or an organization. If a user-wide or organization-wide limit is enabled, you can't limit activity for individual repositories owned by the account. For more information, see "Limiting interactions for your user account" and "Limiting interactions in your organization."

Interaktionen in Deinem Repository begrenzen

  1. Navigiere in GitHub zur Hauptseite des Repository.
  2. Klicke unter Deinem Repository-Namen auf Settings (Einstellungen). Schaltfläche „Repository settings" (Repository-Einstellungen)
  3. In the left sidebar, click Moderation settings. "Moderation settings" in repository settings sidebar
  4. Under "Moderation settings", click Interaction limits. Interaktionsbeschränkungen in den Repository-Einstellungen
  5. Under "Temporary interaction limits", to the right of the type of interaction limit you want to set, use the Enable drop-down menu, then click the duration you want for your interaction limit. Optionen für die temporäre Interaktionsbeschränkung

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