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Token expiration and revocation

Your tokens can expire and can also be revoked by you, applications you have authorized, and GitHub itself.

When a token has expired or has been revoked, it can no longer be used to authenticate Git and API requests. It is not possible to restore an expired or revoked token, you or the application will need to create a new token.

This article explains the possible reasons your GitHub token might be revoked or expire.

Note: When a personal access token or OAuth token expires or is revoked, you may see an oauth_authorization.destroy action in your security log. 詳細は「セキュリティログをレビューする」を参照してください。

Token revoked after reaching its expiration date

When you create a personal access token, we recommend that you set an expiration for your token. Upon reaching your token's expiration date, the token is automatically revoked. 詳しい情報については、「個人アクセストークンを作成する」を参照してください。

Token revoked when pushed to a public repository or public gist

If a valid OAuth token, GitHub App token, or personal access token is pushed to a public repository or public gist, the token will be automatically revoked.

OAuth tokens and personal access tokens pushed to public repositories and public gists will only be revoked if the token has scopes.

Token expired due to lack of use

GitHub will automatically revoke an OAuth token or personal access token when the token hasn't been used in one year.

Token revoked by the user

You can revoke your authorization of a GitHub App or OAuth App from your account settings which will revoke any tokens associated with the app. For more information, see "Reviewing your authorized integrations" and "Reviewing your authorized applications (OAuth)."

Once an authorization is revoked, any tokens associated with the authorization will be revoked as well. To re-authorize an application, follow the instructions from the third-party application or website to connect your account on again.

Token revoked by the OAuth App

The owner of an OAuth App can revoke an account's authorization of their app, this will also revoke any tokens associated with the authorization. For more information about revoking authorizations of your OAuth app, see "Delete an app authorization."

OAuth App owners can also revoke individual tokens associated with an authorization. For more information about revoking individual tokens for your OAuth app, see "Delete an app token".

Token revoked due to excess of tokens for an OAuth App with the same scope

ユーザ/アプリケーション/スコープの組み合わせごとに、発行できるトークン数には10という上限があります。 アプリケーションが同じユーザと同じスコープに対して10個以上のトークンを作成すると、同じユーザ/アプリケーション/スコープの組み合わせに対する最も古いトークンが取り消されます。

User token revoked due to GitHub App configuration

User-to-server tokens created by a GitHub App will expire after eight hours by default. Owners of GitHub Apps can configure their apps so that user-to-server tokens do not expire. For more information about changing how your GitHub App's user-to-server tokens behave, see "Activating optional features for apps."