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Changing the default branch

If you have more than one branch in your repository, you can configure any branch as the default branch.

Who can use this feature

People with admin access for a repository can change the default branch for the repository.

About changing the default branch

You can choose the default branch for a repository. The default branch is the base branch for pull requests and code commits. For more information about the default branch, see "About branches."

Note: If you use the Git-Subversion bridge, changing the default branch will affect your trunk branch contents and the HEAD you see when you list references for the remote repository. For more information, see "Support for Subversion clients" and git-ls-remote in the Git documentation.

You can also rename the default branch. For more information, see "Renaming a branch."

Você pode definir o nome do branch-padrão para novos repositórios. Para obter mais informações, confira "Como gerenciar o branch padrão para seus repositórios", "Como gerenciar o nome de branch padrão para repositórios na sua organização" e "Como impor políticas de gerenciamento de repositório na sua empresa".


To change the default branch, your repository must have more than one branch. For more information, see "Creating and deleting branches within your repository."

Changing the default branch

  1. On, navigate to the main page of the repository.

  2. Abaixo do nome do repositório, clique em Configurações. Botão Configurações do repositório

  3. In the "Code and automation" section of the sidebar, click Branches.

  4. Under "Default branch", to the right of the default branch name, click . Switch icon with two arrows to the right of current default branch name

  5. Use the drop-down, then click a branch name. Drop-down to choose new default branch

  6. Click Update. "Update" button after choosing a new default branch

  7. Read the warning, then click I understand, update the default branch. "I understand, update the default branch." button to perform the update