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Using keywords in issues and pull requests

Use keywords to link an issue and pull request or to mark an issue or pull request as a duplicate.

Pull RequestをIssueにリンクする

To link a pull request to an issue to show that a fix is in progress and to automatically close the issue when someone merges the pull request, type one of the following keywords followed by a reference to the issue. For example, Closes #10 or Fixes octo-org/octo-repo#100.

  • close
  • closes
  • closed
  • fix
  • fixes
  • fixed
  • 解決
  • resolves
  • resolved


Marking an issue or pull request as a duplicate

IssueあるいはPull Requestに重複としてマーク付けをするには、新たなコメントの本文に"Duplicate of"に続けて重複のIssueあるいはPull Requestの番号を入力してください。 For more information, see "Marking issues or pull requests as a duplicate."