This version of GitHub Enterprise was discontinued on 2021-06-09. No patch releases will be made, even for critical security issues. For better performance, improved security, and new features, upgrade to the latest version of GitHub Enterprise. For help with the upgrade, contact GitHub Enterprise support.

Audit logging

GitHub Enterprise Server keeps logs of audited system, user, organization, and repository events. Logs are useful for debugging and internal and external compliance.

For a full list, see "Audited actions." For more information on finding a particular action, see "Searching the audit log."

Push logs

Every Git push operation is logged. For more information, see "Viewing push logs."

System events

All audited system events, including all pushes and pulls, are logged to /var/log/github/audit.log. Logs are automatically rotated every 24 hours and are retained for seven days.

The support bundle includes system logs. For more information, see "Providing data to GitHub Support."

Support bundles

All audit information is logged to the audit.log file in the github-logs directory of any support bundle. If log forwarding is enabled, you can stream this data to an external syslog stream consumer such as Splunk or Logstash. All entries from this log use and can be filtered with the github_audit keyword. For more information see "Log forwarding."

For example, this entry shows that a new repository was created.

Oct 26 01:42:08 github-ent github_audit: {:created_at=>1351215728326, :actor_ip=>"", :data=>{}, :user=>"some-user", :repo=>"some-user/some-repository", :actor=>"some-user", :actor_id=>2, :user_id=>2, :action=>"repo.create", :repo_id=>1, :from=>"repositories#create"}

This example shows that commits were pushed to a repository.

Oct 26 02:19:31 github-ent github_audit: { "pid":22860, "ppid":22859, "program":"receive-pack", "git_dir":"/data/repositories/some-user/some-repository.git", "hostname":"github-ent", "pusher":"some-user", "real_ip":"", "user_agent":"git/", "repo_id":1, "repo_name":"some-user/some-repository", "transaction_id":"b031b7dc7043c87323a75f7a92092ef1456e5fbaef995c68", "frontend_ppid":1, "repo_public":true, "user_name":"some-user", "user_login":"some-user", "frontend_pid":18238, "frontend":"github-ent", "user_email":"", "user_id":2, "pgroup":"github-ent_22860", "status":"post_receive_hook", "features":" report-status side-band-64k", "received_objects":3, "receive_pack_size":243, "non_fast_forward":false, "current_ref":"refs/heads/main" }