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Using GitHub Classroom with GitHub CLI

You can use gh, the GitHub command line interface, to work with GitHub Classroom directly from your command line.

About GitHub Classroom CLI

GitHub CLI is an open source tool for using GitHub from your computer's command line. When you're working from the command line, you can use the GitHub CLI to save time and avoid switching context. For more information, see "About GitHub CLI."

You can work with GitHub Classroom in the GitHub CLI to:

Setting up GitHub CLI

For installation instructions for GitHub CLI, see the GitHub CLI repository.

Using the GitHub Classroom extension with GitHub CLI

If you have not already done so, run gh auth login to authenticate with your GitHub account.

To install the GitHub Classroom extension, run gh extension install github/gh-classroom.

To use gh to work with GitHub Classroom, type gh classroom SUBCOMMAND.

As an example of a series of commands you might use to work with GitHub Classroom, you could:

  • List your classrooms:
    gh classroom list
  • List the assignments for a specific classroom:
    gh classroom assignments
  • View information for a specific assignment:
    gh classroom assignment

gh subcommands for GitHub Classroom

These sections give example subcommands for each of the available operations. When applicable, the CLI will prompt you to choose a classroom after you run the subcommand.

On the command line, use gh classroom --help for general help or gh classroom SUBCOMMAND --help for help with a specific subcommand.

List classrooms

gh classroom list

List of classrooms you own.

View classroom information

gh classroom view

Display the classroom ID, classroom slug, title, and other information about a classroom.

List assignments

gh classroom assignments

Display a list of assignments for a classroom.

List accepted assignments

gh classroom accepted-assignments

Display a list of accepted assignments and information about the student's assignments.

View assignment information

gh classroom assignment

Displays assignment information.

Clone an assignment's starter code repository

gh classroom clone starter-repo

Clones starter code repo used by an assignment. By default, the starter code is cloned into the current directory. To clone into a different directory, use the --directory flag. If the directory does not exists, it will be created.

Clone a student’s assignment repository

gh classroom clone student-repos

Clones student repositories from a given assignment. By default, the student repositories are cloned into the current directory a directory named after the assignment slug. To clone into a different directory, use the --directory flag. If the directory does not exists, it will be created.

By default, all student repositories are cloned. To get a different number of repositories, use the --per-page NUMBER flag.