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Reuse an assignment

You can reuse an existing assignment in more than one classroom, including classrooms in a different organization.

Organization owners who are admins for a classroom can reuse assignments from a classroom. For more information on classroom admins, see "About management of classrooms."

About reusing assignments

You can reuse an existing individual or group assignment in any other classroom you have access to, including classrooms in a different organization. If you choose to reuse an assignment, GitHub Classroom will copy the assignment to the classroom you choose. If the assignment uses a template repository and you choose to reuse it in a classroom from a different organization, GitHub Classroom will create a copy of the repository and its contents in the target organization.

The copied assignment includes assignment details such as the name, source repository, autograding test, and preferred editor. You can edit the assignment after it has been copied to make changes. You cannot make changes to the preferred editor.

Reusing an assignment

  1. Sign into GitHub Classroom.

  2. Navigate to the classroom that has the assignment that you want to reuse.

    Classroom in list of classrooms for an organization

  3. In the list of assignments, click the assignment you want to reuse.

    Assignment in list of assignments for an classroom

  4. Select the Edit dropdown menu in the top right of the page, then click Reuse assignment.

    Reuse assignment button

  5. In "Reuse assignment" modal, use the Choose an organization dropdown menu to select the organization you want the assignment to be in. Then use the Choose a classroom dropdown menu to select the classroom within that organization that you want to copy the assignment to.

    Reuse assignment modal

  6. Click Create assignment.

  7. The assignment is copied to the selected classroom, and a confirmation message is shown. If you chose to reuse an assignment with a template repository, the copying process may take a few minutes to complete, and you may need to refresh the page to see the completed message.

    Completed message for reused assignment