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An assignment is coursework in GitHub Classroom. A teacher can assign an assignment to an individual student or a group of students. Teachers can import starter code for the assignment, assign students, and create a deadline for each assignment. For more information, see the definitions for "individual assignment" and "group assignment."


A classroom is the basic unit of GitHub Classroom. Teachers can use a classroom to organize and manage students, teaching assistants, and assignments for a single course. A classroom belongs to an organization on To administer a classroom, you must be an organization owner for the organization on GitHub. For more information, see "Manage classrooms."

GitHub Classroom

GitHub Classroom is a web application for educators that provides course administration tools integrated with GitHub. For more information, see the GitHub Classroom website.

group assignment

A group assignment is collaborative coursework for groups of students on GitHub Classroom. For more information, see "Create a group assignment."


An identifier in GitHub Classroom is a unique ID for a student participating in a course. For example, an identifier can be a student name, alphanumeric ID, or email address.

individual assignment

An individual assignment is coursework for each student who participates in a course on GitHub Classroom. The student is intended to complete an individual assignment without help from other students. For more information, see "Create an individual assignment."


A roster allows a teacher to manage students and assignment submissions in a classroom on GitHub Classroom. Teachers can create a roster by entering a list of student identifiers, or by connecting GitHub Classroom to a learning management system (LMS). For more information about identifiers, see the definition of "identifier." For more information about connecting GitHub Classroom to an LMS, see "Connect a learning management system to GitHub Classroom."

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