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Getting started with GitHub Community Exchange

Learn how to access GitHub Community Exchange and submit your repository.


GitHub Community Exchange is a student community within the GitHub Education portal. As a student, it's a place where you can get exposure for your project and discover other student repositories in need of collaborators and maintainers. GitHub Community Exchange can help you make your first open source contribution or grow your own open source project.

For more information about how GitHub Community Exchange can help you as a student, see "About GitHub Community Exchange."

Accessing GitHub Community Exchange

To access GitHub Community Exchange, visit your GitHub Education dashboard at

If you're a student or faculty member at an accredited educational institution, you can apply for GitHub Education benefits, which includes access to GitHub Community Exchange within GitHub Education.

Finding interesting repositories

You can browse repositories submitted to GitHub Community Exchange from the gallery page.

As you think about what open source repositories may be interesting, consider if you're wanting to learn or collaborate, or if there are particular topics or languages that could be a good starting point.

When exploring repositories in the GitHub Community Exchange gallery, you can filter available repositories by purpose, topics, or languages, and search for repositories by name and description. You can sort the list of repositories in the gallery by submission date, or by the number of stars, forks, or issues a repository has.

Starring repositories

You can star repositories listed in the GitHub Community Exchange gallery. Starring makes it easy to find a repository in the gallery again later. Starring a repository also shows appreciation to the repository maintainer for their work.

Repository listings in the GitHub Community Exchange gallery can be sorted on the number of stars a repository has.

To star a repository: Go to your GitHub Community Exchange home page, find the repository you want to star, and click Star button found right by its name.

Reporting abuse

The GitHub Community Exchange community moderates repository submissions. You can report abusive repositories, spammy, or disruptive content at any time.

To report an abusive repository: Go to your GitHub Community Exchange home page, find the repository you want to report, click the drop-down right by its name, then click Report abuse.

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