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View autograding results

You can see results from autograding within the repository for your assignment.

About autograding

Your teacher can configure tests that automatically check your work when you push to an assignment repository on

If you're a student and your instructor has configured autograding for your assignment in GitHub Classroom, you'll find autograding test results throughout your assignment repository. If all tests succeed for a commit, you'll see a green checkmark. If any tests fail for a commit, you'll see a red X. You can see detailed logs by clicking the green checkmark or red X.

Viewing autograding results for an assignment repository

GitHub Classroom uses GitHub Actions to run autograding tests. For more information about viewing the logs for an autograding test, see "Using workflow run logs."

The Actions tab shows the full history of test runs.

Screenshot of the "Actions" tab with "All workflows" option in the left sidebar selected.

You can click a specific test run to review log output, like compilation errors and test failures.

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