Attaching files

You can convey information by attaching a variety of file types to your issues and pull requests.

Warning: If you add an image or video to a pull request or issue comment, anyone can view the anonymized URL without authentication, even if the pull request is in a private repository. To keep sensitive media files private, serve them from a private network or server that requires authentication. For more information on anonymized URLs see "About anonymized URLs".

Um eine Datei an eine Issue- oder eine Pull-Request-Unterhaltung anzuhängen, ziehe sie per Drag-and-Drop in das Kommentarfeld. Alternativ kannst Du die Leiste am unteren Rand des Kommentarfeldes anklicken, um eine Datei von Deinem Computer zu suchen, auszuwählen und hinzuzufügen.

Anhänge vom Computer auswählen

Tip: In many browsers, you can copy-and-paste images directly into the box.

The maximum file size is:

  • 10MB for images and gifs
  • 10MB for videos uploaded to a repository owned by a user or organization on a free GitHub plan
  • 100MB for videos uploaded to a repository owned by a user or organization on a paid GitHub plan
  • 25MB for all other files

Wir unterstützen die folgenden Dateiformate:

  • PNG (.png)
  • GIF (.gif)
  • JPEG (.jpg)
  • Protokolldateien (.log)
  • Microsoft Word-Dokumente (.docx), Powerpoint-Dokumente (.pptx) und Excel-Dokumente (.xlsx)
  • Textdateien (.txt)
  • PDF-Dateien (.pdf)
  • ZIP (.zip, .gz)
  • Video (.mp4, .mov)

Animiertes GIF zu Anhängen

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