Network ports

Open network ports selectively based on the network services you need to expose for administrators, end users, and email support.

Administrative ports

Some administrative ports are required to configure your GitHub Enterprise Server instance and run certain features. Administrative ports are not required for basic application use by end users.

8443HTTPSSecure web-based 管理控制台. Required for basic installation and configuration.
8080HTTPPlain-text web-based 管理控制台. Not required unless SSL is disabled manually.
122SSHShell access for your GitHub Enterprise Server instance. Required to be open to incoming connections between all nodes in a high availability configuration. The default SSH port (22) is dedicated to Git and SSH application network traffic.
1194/UDPVPNSecure replication network tunnel in high availability configuration. Required to be open for communication between all nodes in the configuration.
123/UDPNTPRequired for time protocol operation.
161/UDPSNMPRequired for network monitoring protocol operation.

Application ports for end users

Application ports provide web application and Git access for end users.

443HTTPSAccess to the web application and Git over HTTPS.
80HTTPAccess to the web application. All requests are redirected to the HTTPS port when SSL is enabled.
22SSHAccess to Git over SSH. Supports clone, fetch, and push operations to public and private repositories.
9418GitGit protocol port supports clone and fetch operations to public repositories with unencrypted network communication. 如果在实例上启用了私有模式,则仅当您也启用了匿名 Git 读取访问时才需要打开此端口。 更多信息请参阅“在企业中实施仓库管理策略”。

警告: 在负载均衡器上终止 HTTPS 连接时,从负载均衡器到 GitHub Enterprise Server 的请求也需要使用 HTTPS。 不支持降级到 HTTP 连接。

Email ports

Email ports must be accessible directly or via relay for inbound email support for end users.

25SMTPSupport for SMTP with encryption (STARTTLS).




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