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此版本的 GitHub Enterprise 已停止服务 2022-10-12. 即使针对重大安全问题,也不会发布补丁。 为了获得更好的性能、更高的安全性和新功能,请升级到最新版本的 GitHub Enterprise。 如需升级帮助,请联系 GitHub Enterprise 支持


使用网络所需的 DNS 域名服务器和主机名配置 GitHub Enterprise Server。 您还可以配置代理服务器或防火墙规则。 为实现管理和用户目的,您必须允许访问某些端口。
  • 使用虚拟机控制台配置 IP 地址

    ؤŵ GitHub Enterprise Server Ǩ;:MnO� (DHCP) �"Qܾn ����s� /�O�  DHCP �( �_��(Z�:�6�MnQܾn

  • Configuring DNS nameservers

    GitHub Enterprise Server uses the dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) for DNS settings when DHCP leases provide nameservers. If nameservers are not provided by a dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) lease, or if you need to use specific DNS settings, you can specify the nameservers manually.

  • Configuring a hostname

    We recommend setting a hostname for your appliance instead of using a hard-coded IP address.

  • Validating your domain settings

    Ensure that your domain settings are properly configured before booting up your GitHub Enterprise Server instance for the first time.

  • Configuring TLS

    You can configure Transport Layer Security (TLS) on your GitHub Enterprise Server instance so that you can use a certificate that is signed by a trusted certificate authority.

  • Enabling subdomain isolation

    You can set up subdomain isolation to securely separate user-supplied content from other portions of your GitHub Enterprise Server appliance.

  • Configuring an outbound web proxy server

    A proxy server provides an additional level of security for your GitHub Enterprise Server instance.

  • Configuring built-in firewall rules

    You can view default firewall rules and customize rules for your GitHub Enterprise Server instance.

  • Network ports

    Open network ports selectively based on the network services you need to expose for administrators, end users, and email support.

  • Using GitHub Enterprise Server with a load balancer

    Use a load balancer in front of a single GitHub Enterprise Server instance or a pair of instances in a High Availability configuration.