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About enterprise policies

With enterprise policies, you can manage the policies for all the organizations owned by your enterprise.

To help you enforce business rules and regulatory compliance, policies provide a single point of management for all the organizations owned by an enterprise account.

每个企业策略控制组织级别的策略可用选项。 可以选择不强制实施策略,这� �组织所有者便可为组织配置策略,也可从一组选项中进行选择,为企业拥有的所有组织强制实施策略。

For example, with the "Base permissions" policy, you can allow organization owners to configure the "Base permissions" policy for their organization, or you can enforce a specific base permissions level, such as "Read", for all organizations within the enterprise.

By default, no enterprise policies are enforced. To identify policies that should be enforced to meet the unique requirements of your business, we recommend reviewing all the available policies in your enterprise account, starting with repository management policies. For more information, see "Enforcing repository management polices in your enterprise."

While you're configuring enterprise policies, to help you understand the impact of changing each policy, you can view the current configurations for the organizations owned by your enterprise.

Another way to enforce standards within your enterprise is to use pre-receive hooks, which are scripts that run on your GitHub Enterprise Server instance to implement quality checks. For more information, see "Enforcing policy with pre-receive hooks."

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