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Disabling OAuth App access restrictions for your organization

Organization owners can disable restrictions on the OAuth Apps that have access to the organization's resources.

Warning: When you disable OAuth App access restrictions for your organization, any organization member will automatically authorize OAuth App access to the organization's private resources when they approve an application for use in their personal account settings.

  1. 在 的右上角,单击你的个人资料照片,然后单击“你的组织”。 贵组织在配置文件菜单中
  2. 在组织旁边,单击“设置”。 设置按钮
  3. 在边栏的“集成”部分中,单击 “第三方访问”。
  4. Click Remove restrictions. Remove restrictions button
  5. After you review the information about disabling third-party application restrictions, click Yes, remove application restrictions. Remove confirmation button