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Эта версия GitHub Enterprise Server была прекращена 2024-03-26. Исправления выпускаться не будут даже при критических проблемах безопасности. Для повышения производительности, повышения безопасности и новых функций выполните обновление до последней версии GitHub Enterprise Server. Чтобы получить справку по обновлению, обратитесь в службу поддержки GitHub Enterprise.

Изучение зависимостей репозитория

Граф зависимостей позволяет выяснить, от каких пакетов зависит ваш проект. Кроме того, вы сможете узнать, какие уязвимости обнаружены в его зависимостях.

Viewing the dependency graph

The dependency graph shows the dependencies of your repository. For information about the detection of dependencies and which ecosystems are supported, see "About the dependency graph."

  1. On your GitHub Enterprise Server instance, navigate to the main page of the repository.

  2. Under your repository name, click Insights.

    Screenshot of the main page of a repository. In the horizontal navigation bar, a tab, labeled with a graph icon and "Insights," is outlined in dark orange.

  3. In the left sidebar, click Dependency graph. Screenshot of the "Dependency graph" tab. The tab is highlighted with an orange outline.

Enterprise owners can configure the dependency graph at an enterprise level. For more information, see "Enabling the dependency graph for your enterprise."

Dependencies view

Any direct and indirect dependencies that are specified in the repository's manifest or lock files are listed, grouped by ecosystem.

Dependencies submitted to a project using the dependency submission API (beta), although also grouped by ecosystem, are shown separately from dependencies identified through manifest or lock files in the repository. These submitted dependencies appear in the dependency graph as "Snapshot dependencies" because they are submitted as a snapshot, or set, of dependencies. For more information on using the dependency submission API, see "Using the dependency submission API."

If vulnerabilities have been detected in the repository, these are shown at the top of the view for users with access to Dependabot alerts.

Note: GitHub Enterprise Server does not populate the Dependents view.

Troubleshooting the dependency graph

If your dependency graph is empty, there may be a problem with the file containing your dependencies. Check the file to ensure that it's correctly formatted for the file type.

If a manifest or lock file is not processed, its dependencies are omitted from the dependency graph and they can't be checked for insecure dependencies.

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