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Настройка видимости для членства в организации

Можно задать видимость для новых участников организации в корпоративной среде как "Общедоступная" или "Частная". Вы также можете запретить членам изменять видимость по умолчанию.

You can also enforce your default setting on all current organization members in your instance using a command-line utility. For example, if you'd like to require every organization member's visibility to be public, you can set the default to public and enforce the default for all new members in the admin settings, and then use the command-line utility to enforce the public setting on existing members.

  1. In the top-right corner of GitHub Enterprise Server, click your profile photo, then click Enterprise settings.

    Screenshot of the drop-down menu that appears when you click the profile photo on GitHub Enterprise Server. The "Enterprise settings" option is highlighted in a dark orange outline.

  2. In the enterprise account sidebar, click Policies.

  3. Under Policies, click Options.

  4. Under "Default organization membership visibility", select the drop-down menu, and click Private or Public.

  5. Optionally, to prevent members from changing their membership visibility from the default, select Enforce for all enterprise members. Screenshot of the "Default organization membership visibility" section on the enterprise's policies page. The "Enforce for all enterprise members" checkbox is highlighted with an orange outline.

  6. If you'd like to enforce your new visibility setting on all existing members, use the ghe-org-membership-update command-line utility. For more information, see "Command-line utilities."