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Настройка серверов доменных имен (DNS)

GitHub Enterprise Server использует протокол конфигурации динамического узла (DHCP) для параметров DNS, когда аренда DHCP предоставляет серверы доменных имен. Если серверы доменных имен не предоставляются в рамках аренды протокола DHCP или если вам нужно использовать определенные параметры DNS, можно указать серверы доменных имен вручную.

The nameservers you specify must resolve your GitHub Enterprise Server instance's hostname.

Warning: Do not change the hostname for GitHub Enterprise Server after initial setup. Changing the hostname will cause unexpected behavior, up to and including instance outages. If you have changed the hostname for your instance and are experiencing problems, contact GitHub Enterprise Support or GitHub Premium Support.

Configuring nameservers using the virtual machine console

  1. Using your virtualization platform tools, open the virtual machine console.
  2. To start your network setup, press S.
  3. Configure nameservers for your instance.
  4. To finish configuring your settings, press D.

Configuring nameservers using the administrative shell

  1. SSH into your GitHub Enterprise Server instance. If your instance comprises multiple nodes, for example if high availability or geo-replication are configured, SSH into the primary node. If you use a cluster, you can SSH into any node. For more information about SSH access, see "Accessing the administrative shell (SSH)."

    ssh -p 122 admin@HOSTNAME
  2. To edit your nameservers, use the ghe-setup-network command in visual mode. For more information, see "Command-line utilities."

    ghe-setup-network -v
  3. To add your new nameserver entries to your GitHub Enterprise Server instance, run the following:

    sudo service resolvconf restart
    sudo service dnsmasq restart