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About GitHub Campus Program

GitHub Campus Program offers GitHub Enterprise Cloud and GitHub Enterprise Server free-of-charge for schools that want to make the most of GitHub for their community.

GitHub Campus Program is a package of premium GitHub access for teaching-focused institutions that grant degrees, diplomas, or certificates. GitHub Campus Program includes:

  • No-cost access to GitHub Enterprise Cloud and GitHub Enterprise Server for all of your technical and academic departments
  • 50,000 GitHub Actions minutes and 50 GB GitHub Packages storage

To read about how GitHub is used by educators, see GitHub Education stories.

GitHub Campus Program terms and conditions

  • The license is free for one year and will automatically renew for free every 2 years. You may continue on the free license so long as you continue to operate within the terms of the agreement. Any school that can agree to the terms of the program is welcome to join.

  • Please note that the licenses are for use by the whole school. Internal IT departments, academic research groups, collaborators, students, and other non-academic departments are eligible to use the licenses so long as they are not making a profit from its use. Externally funded research groups that are housed at the university may not use the free licenses.

  • You must offer GitHub to all of your technical and academic departments and your school’s logo will be shared on the GitHub Education website as a GitHub Campus Program Partner.

  • New organizations in your enterprise are automatically added to your enterprise account. To add organizations that existed before your school joined the GitHub Campus Program, please contact us through the GitHub Support portal. For more information about administrating your enterprise, see the enterprise administrators documentation.

To read more about GitHub's privacy practices, see "GitHub General Privacy Statement."

GitHub Campus Program Application Eligibility

  • Often times, a campus CTO/CIO, Dean, Department Chair, or Technology Officer signs the terms of the program on behalf of the campus.

  • If your school does not issue email addresses, GitHub will reach out to your account administrators with an alternative option to allow you to distribute the student developer pack to your students.

For more information, see the official GitHub Campus Program page.

If you're a student or academic faculty and your school isn't partnered with GitHub as a GitHub Campus Program school, then you can still individually apply for discounts to use GitHub. To apply for the Student Developer Pack, see the application form.