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About GitHub Community Exchange

Learn the skills you need to contribute to open source projects and grow your own portfolio, with GitHub Community Exchange.

About GitHub Community Exchange

GitHub Community Exchange is a student community within the GitHub Education portal. As a student, it's a place where you can get exposure for your project and discover other student repositories in need of collaborators and maintainers.

You can help your peers learn open source skills, become a project maintainer, and grow your GitHub portfolio and network within a safe and verified community platform.

GitHub Community Exchange allows you to:

  • Discover student created repositories
  • Star repositories of interest
  • Submit a repository in need of collaborators
  • Submit a repository to teach new skills
  • Manage your repository submissions

For more information, see "Contribute with GitHub Community Exchange."

To access GitHub Community Exchange, visit your GitHub Education dashboard at

If you're a student or faculty member at an accredited educational institution, you can apply for GitHub Education benefits, which includes access to GitHub Community Exchange within GitHub Education.

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