About integrations

Integrations are tools and services that connect with GitHub to complement and extend your workflow.

You can install integrations in your personal account or organizations you own. You can also install Aplicativos do GitHub from a third-party in a specific repository where you have admin permissions or which is owned by your organization.

Differences between Aplicativos do GitHub and Aplicativos OAuth

Integrations can be Aplicativos do GitHub, Aplicativos OAuth, or anything that utilizes GitHub APIs or webhooks.

Aplicativos do GitHub offer granular permissions and request access to only what the app needs. Aplicativos do GitHub also offer specific user-level permissions that each user must authorize individually when an app is installed or when the integrator changes the permissions requested by the app.

For more information, see:

You can install a preconfigured aplicativo GitHub, if the integrators or app creators have created their app with the aplicativo GitHub manifest flow. For information about how to run your aplicativo GitHub with automated configuration, contact the integrator or app creator.

You can create a aplicativo GitHub with simplified configuration if you build your app with Probot. For more information, see the Probot docs site.

Discovering integrations in GitHub Marketplace

You can find an integration to install or publish your own integration in GitHub Marketplace.

GitHub Marketplace contains Aplicativos do GitHub and Aplicativos OAuth. For more information on finding an integration or creating your own integration, see "About GitHub Marketplace."

Integrations purchased directly from integrators

You can also purchase some integrations directly from integrators. As an organization member, if you find a aplicativo GitHub that you'd like to use, you can request that an organization approve and install the app for the organization.

If you have admin permissions for all organization-owned repositories the app is installed on, you can install Aplicativos do GitHub with repository-level permissions without having to ask an organization owner to approve the app. When an integrator changes an app's permissions, if the permissions are for a repository only, organization owners and people with admin permissions to a repository with that app installed can review and accept the new permissions.

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