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Updating the virtual machine and physical resources

Upgrading the virtual software and virtual hardware requires some downtime for your instance, so be sure to plan your upgrade in advance.

Upgrade requirements

Before upgrading GitHub Enterprise Server, review these recommendations and requirements to plan your upgrade strategy.

GitHub Enterprise Server をアップグレードする

最新の機能とセキュリティ更新プログラムを入手するために、GitHub Enterprise Server をアップグレードしてください。

Enabling automatic update checks

You can enable automatic update checks so that お使いの GitHub Enterprise Server インスタンス checks for and downloads the latest GitHub Enterprise Server release.

Increasing storage capacity

You can increase or change the amount of storage available for Git repositories, databases, search indexes, and other persistent application data.

Increasing CPU or memory resources

You can increase the CPU or memory resources for a GitHub Enterprise Server instance.

Migrating from GitHub Enterprise 11.10.x to 2.1.23

To migrate from GitHub Enterprise 11.10.x to 2.1.23, you'll need to set up a new appliance instance and migrate data from the previous instance.


GitHub Enterprise Server のアップグレード プロセスに影響を与える問題、またはアップグレード完了後にインスタンスに影響を与える問題の回避策の概要をご覧ください。