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Configuring time synchronization

GitHub Enterprise Server automatically synchronizes its clock by connecting to NTP servers. You can set the NTP servers that are used to synchronize the clock, or you can use the default NTP servers.

Changing the default NTP servers

  1. GitHub Enterprise Server の管理アカウントから、任意のページの右上隅で をクリックします。
  2. [サイト管理者] ページにまだ表示されていない場合は、左上隅の [サイト管理者] をクリックします。
  3. [ サイト管理者] サイドバーで [Management Console] をクリックします。
  4. In the "Settings" sidebar, click Time.
  5. Under "Primary NTP server," type the hostname of the primary NTP server.
  6. Under "Secondary NTP server," type the hostname of the secondary NTP server.
  7. Under the "Settings" sidebar, click Save settings.
  8. Wait for the configuration run to complete.

Correcting a large time drift

The NTP protocol continuously corrects small time synchronization discrepancies. You can use the administrative shell to synchronize time immediately.


  • You can't modify the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) zone.
  • You should prevent your hypervisor from trying to set the virtual machine's clock. For more information, see the documentation provided by the virtualization provider.
  • Use the chronyc command to synchronize the server with the configured NTP server. For example:
sudo chronyc -a makestep