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Configuring email for notifications

To make it easy for users to respond quickly to activity on GitHub AE, you can configure your enterprise to send email notifications on issue, pull request, and commit comments.

Notification emails are sent if there is activity on a repository a user is watching, if there is activity in a pull request or issue they are participating in, or if the user or team they're a member of are @mentioned in a comment.

Your dedicated technical account manager in GitHub Support can configure email for notifications to be sent through your SMTP server. Make sure you include the following details in your support request.

  • Your SMTP server address
  • Login information to authenticate to the server: username and password
  • The port your SMTP server uses to send email
  • The domain name that your SMTP server will send with a HELO response, if any
  • The type of encryption used by your SMTP server
  • The no-reply email address to use in the From and To field for all notifications

For more information about contacting support, see "About GitHub Enterprise Support."

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