About your organization dashboard

As an organization member, you can visit your organization's dashboard throughout the day to stay updated on recent activity and keep track of issues and pull requests you're working on or following in the organization.

Accessing your organization dashboard

  1. To access the dashboard page, in the upper-left corner of any page on GitHub Enterprise Server, click the .
  2. In the upper-left corner of the page, click your username, and use the drop-down menu to click the desired organization. Dashboard context switcher drop-down menu showing different organization options

Finding your recent activity

In the "Recent activity" section of your news feed, you can quickly find and follow up with recently updated issues and pull requests in your organization.

Open issues and pull requests appear in the recent activity section when:

  • You have opened an issue or pull request.
  • Someone has commented on an issue or pull request you opened.
  • Your issue or pull request was reopened.
  • Your review was requested on a pull request.
  • You were assigned to an issue or pull request.
  • You referenced an issue or pull request via a commit.
  • You commented on an issue or pull request.

Finding repositories in your organization

In the left sidebar of your dashboard, you can access your organization's top repositories you're active in.

List of repositories you're most active in from your organization

Staying updated with activity from the organization

In the "All activity" section of your news feed, you can view updates from other teams and repositories in your organization.

The "All activity" section shows all recent activity in the organization, including activity in repositories you're not subscribed to and of people you're not following. For more information, see "About notifications" and "Following people."

For instance, the organization news feed shows updates when someone in the organization:

  • Creates a new branch.
  • Comments on an issue or pull request.
  • Submits a pull request review comment.
  • Forks a repository.
  • Creates a wiki page.
  • Pushes commits.
  • Creates a public repository.

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