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Maintaining GitHub Apps

After you create and register a GitHub App, you can make modifications to the app, change permissions, transfer ownership, and delete the app.

Modifying a GitHub App registration

After registering a GitHub App, you can make changes to it.

Activating optional features for GitHub Apps

You can test new optional features for your GitHub Apps.

About GitHub App managers

Organization owners can grant or revoke access for a user to manage some or all of the GitHub App registrations owned by the organization.

Managing allowed IP addresses for a GitHub App

You can add an IP allow list to your GitHub App registration to prevent your app from being blocked by an organization's own allow list.

Suspending a GitHub App installation

You can temporarily block your GitHub App from accessing resources owned by the accounts that installed the GitHub App.

Transferring ownership of a GitHub App

You can transfer ownership of a GitHub App registration to another user or organization.

Deleting a GitHub App

You can delete GitHub Apps that you own if you no longer want to use or maintain the app.