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Listing an app on GitHub Marketplace

Learn about requirements and best practices for listing your app on GitHub Marketplace.

Drafting a listing for your app

When you create a GitHub Marketplace listing, GitHub saves it in draft mode until you submit the app for approval. Your listing shows customers how they can use your app.

Writing a listing description for your app

To list your app in the GitHub Marketplace, you'll need to write descriptions of your app and provide images that follow GitHub's guidelines.

Setting pricing plans for your listing

When you list your app on GitHub Marketplace, you can choose to provide your app as a free service or sell your app. If you plan to sell your app, you can create different pricing plans for different feature tiers.

Configuring a webhook to notify you of plan changes

After creating a draft GitHub Marketplace listing, you can configure a webhook that notifies you when changes to customer account plans occur. After you configure the webhook, you can handle the marketplace_purchase event types in your app.

Submitting your listing for publication

To finish your app listing submission, you can request a review by an onboarding expert.

Deleting your app listing from GitHub Marketplace

Follow these steps to delete your app listing from GitHub Marketplace.